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Spirited Entrepreneurs balance their sense of spirituality with practicality. They have an openness to look within, a willingness to let go of old patterns of thinking, and a determination to change. They trust and follow their intuition and consciously develop it. They have a belief in Higher Self and welcome guidance from it.

Spirited Entrepreneurs recognise they create their own worlds and do not lay blame on others or external circumstances. They desire and wholeheartedly enjoy personal wealth, but recognise that real abundance includes creativity, good health, loving relationships and the means to help others.

The goal of The School of Spiritual Entrepreneurship is to assist entrepreneurs realise their dreams and achieve abundance in alignment with what is greatest within themselves.

Developing Intuition

Intuition enables us to see behind statistics and forecasts, make useful predictions in spite of incomplete information and take original decisions that bring about win-win solutions.

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The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success

From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO. This book is for entrepreneurs who are open to looking at their businesses, and their lives, differently.

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Journey to Abundance

Our Introductory Weekend “The Journey to Abundance” will help you replenish your energy and enthusiasm, reignite your dream and provide the insight and support you need to access new levels of freedom, happiness and wealth.

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