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Welcome to my website – Spirited Entrepreneur.

As a business coach I work with owner managers to reach for the best in themselves and establish a culture where staff fully engage and give of their absolute maximum.

If you want to:

  • Go home in the evenings with a sense of achievement
  • Know your staff are giving of their best
  • Be delighted by how your team take the initiative and ease your workload
  • Know your clients trust your staff and are happy to work directly with them

Then let’s talk.

I created and subsequently sold a marketing agency, a restaurant and one of the fastest growing and most profitable market research companies in its sector in Europe. I have fully lived the trauma of the harassed sole trader and transitioned to running a team where everyone blossomed and gave their absolute best. I sold my last business for a 7 figure sum and I am the author of ‘the Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success’.

John Reynard,  Founder, Spirited Entrepreneur

Developing Intuition

Intuition enables us to see behind statistics and forecasts, make useful predictions in spite of incomplete information and take original decisions that bring about win-win solutions.

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The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success

From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO. This book is for entrepreneurs who are open to looking at their businesses, and their lives, differently.

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The Route to Abundance

These five workshops are designed to guide you towards making win win decisions, self-empowerment and an enduring sense of abundance.

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