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Entrepreneurs live intense working lives. They shoulder much risk, frequently push themselves to their limits and take on responsibilities others would never contemplate. It takes a lot to live the life of an entrepreneur and it’s entirely understandable that on occasion they feel stressed out, isolated, even out of control.

When tackling challenging situations or experiencing rapid change the support of a business coach on a one-on-one basis can make all the difference.

During individual sessions, to be held at your office, a mutually convenient venue or on the phone:

  • Specific issues will be addressed – typically on a fortnightly basis
  • New options and approaches will be uncovered
  • Energy levels will be lifted and a sense of renewed vigour achieved
  • Self-limiting beliefs will be explored and released


  • Payment to be in advance
  • Appointments are chargeable unless 48 hours’ notice is given

There will be regular revision of progress and in between sessions there will be follow up work to do.

Contact me for details (