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Intuition enables us to:

  • see behind statistics and forecasts
  • make useful predictions in spite of incomplete information
  • take original decisions that bring about win-win solutions

Intuition is an astute counsellor that nudges us forward in our lives. It comes with an uplifting feeling and is never manipulative. It is the voice of our Higher Self; it unlocks creativity, takes us forward and frequently defies logic.

Intuition comes to us as a feeling or a voice. It is clearest when we are quiet and centred. It can be scary at first because it stretches us and takes us beyond our comfort zone.

Being able to recognise and have confidence to follow your intuition is a long term commitment. If you are excited to get more in touch with your own intuition, we have a low cost entry product which includes:

  • A privately accessed 9 minute video explaining the different ways in which intuition communicates, how to nurture it and how to make pro-active use of it
  • Exercises to download, complete and send to myself. They will assist you recognise and follow through on your own intuition
  • 30 minute telephone or Skype call with myself to explore what you have learned and where you can take it from here

The cost is £75 or equivalent in € / $.



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John talks about the cost of ignoring our intuition. On holiday in Turkey he tries paragliding, but ignores several warning signs…

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