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Whilst most people see no connection between the ‘ruthless world of business’ and all matters spiritual I am excited by how the Truth of who we really are can be expressed in every aspect of life, including entrepreneurship.

When we listen to our instincts, formulate ambitious ideas and follow through, something many people call ‘luck’ steps in and favours us. I started a restaurant with no previous experience, subsequently sold it and built a specialist market research company which became one of the fastest growing and most profitable in Europe.

I am not religious but I do believe that we all possess a Higher Self which is all knowing, compassionate, generous and loving. I have applied spiritual principles in my own businesses and I know their value.

I am a coach, speaker, author and founder of The School of Spiritual Entrepreneurship. In my book The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success I present my version of how trust, integrity, co-creation, intuition and alignment with Spirit, all lead to abundance.