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The School of Spiritual Entrepreneurship is for entrepreneurs who want to realise their dreams, achieve abundance and simultaneously travel a journey to self-fulfilment. It is for those who have a thirst to realise the life they are truly destined to live.

The goal of the school is to assist entrepreneurs to:

  • reach for the best in themselves
  • break through internal resistance
  • trust and follow their intuition
  • make decisions in alignment with their Higher Self

It will appeal to those:

  • with a small team who struggle to find time to think clearly and objectively
  • who are more established, and want to grow to a size where their company runs independently from them

The School offers a range of teachings from Developing Your Intuition, The Journey to Abundance and Personal Coaching.


Developing Intuition

Intuition enables us to see behind statistics and forecasts, make useful predictions in spite of incomplete information and take original decisions that bring about win-win solutions.

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The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success

From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO. This book is for entrepreneurs who are open to looking at their businesses, and their lives, differently.

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Journey to Abundance

Our Introductory Weekend “The Journey to Abundance” will help you replenish your energy and enthusiasm, reignite your dream and provide the insight and support you need to access new levels of freedom, happiness and wealth.

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