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Overcome your ego and watch your business thrive

Overcome Your Ego and Watch Your Business Thrive

In my early 30s I created a restaurant with no previous catering experience. I got myself into all sorts of trouble, but I learned a lot and, when the time came to move on, I sold it as a going concern. Later I set up a market research company and, while I had some good […]



Overcome Your Ego and Watch Your Business Flourish

How well our business performs depends on the state of our mind. When we feel positive and good about ourselves we find answers to challenges. When we feel low, irritable or generally out of sorts we often make poor decisions. What is it that determines whether we feel upbeat and courageous or uncertain and fearful?



Avoiding the Emotional Pitfalls of Management Buyouts

Selling a business after years of sweat and toil building it up is to put it mildly difficult. When faced with the actuality of letting go the exiting owner can feel threatened. Such fears are not logical. In our rational mind we know it’s time to move on but the absolute finality of no longer having a life full of activity and being the centre of attention can cause the exiting owner to panic internally.



Why Management Buy Outs (MBOs) Can Fail – and what YOU can do about it.

Management Buyouts or MBOs are a great way of selling a business and simultaneously rewarding those who have worked hard to make it successful. The theory of an MBO is straight forward but there are huge emotional hurdles to be overcome. The ego loves to create mischief and cause havoc, limiting beliefs get exposed and if not dealt with disaster can ensue.

In this article I talk about how lawyers incite suspicion and how it takes time to transition from being a competent manager to becoming an adroit CEO.


Sales initiative article 2

Article Featured in Sales Initiative February 2017

John explains co-creation – the joining together of people to produce a mutually valued outcome. When successfully achieved problems get solved in surprisingly simple and practical ways, staff enjoy being at work, feel respected, honoured and stay longer in the company, creativity is ignited and management is freed up to work on the business rather than in it.


Fresh Business Thinking

Article featured in

“Why integrity makes business sense” Life in business is generally viewed as macho, cut-throat, and uncaring. It is not perceived as an environment that fosters trust, openness, and creativity. The behaviour of some bankers in recent years has further advanced the belief that business is purely about profit and greed. It would appear that there […]


Talk business

Brexit Article Featured in Talk Business

The decisions we take over the next few weeks and months will determine whether or not we make a success of Post Brexit UK or whether we drift towards disintegration and obscurity. So how do we live with such turmoil? How do people in business ensure they make the best decisions they can when there […]

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