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The Law Of Attraction In Business

The Law Of Attraction In Business

The universe wants to give us what we truly and genuinely desire, but if we insist on focusing on difficulties, lack of money, resources, or skills, then we end up amplifying those negatives instead. As Esther and Jerry Hicks explain in their book Ask and It Is Given.

Whatever you are giving your attention to causes you to emit a vibration and the vibrations you offer act as your point of attraction. If there is something you desire, you put your attention on it and by the Law of Attraction it will come. However, if there is something you desire that you currently do not have, if you put your attention upon your current state of not having, then the Law of Attraction will continue to match that not having vibration.

Traditional thinking is that once you have a new business idea, you should write a detailed business plan and spell out what you intend to make happen over the next one to three years. Such plans are necessary documents when looking for management buy-in or external funding and they are useful in obliging you to think through the detail of what you want to achieve.

On the other hand, some people get blocked and freeze internally when they start to dwell on all the potential hurdles they might have to face. They project themselves forward to an imaginary time zone where they do not yet possess the resources and experience they will have, if and when such challenges emerge. Also, it is incredibly difficult to predict the future, especially beyond one year. Fast-evolving businesses move swiftly, new opportunities constantly unfold, and within weeks even the most thorough plans can be out of date.

Business plans will always have their place, but they will remain extrapolations of what we think the future might hold. As such, they are restricted by our experiences of life to date and the limitations of our logical minds.

The Importance of Vision

When a VISION is defined and passionately felt at a deep level, it inspires and lifts us beyond our current beliefs and perceived limitations; it acts like a powerful magnet that pulls to us what we desire. When we are totally aligned with it, when what we want in our heads truly matches what we want in our hearts, the universe does everything it can to bring it to us.

If you want to open up a new market, launch a new product, or significantly expand your business, first define just what it is you want to manifest. Draw an image of your desired result and see it completed. Ensure your vision is exciting but not preposterous. It needs to move you in a powerful way and be ambitious, but you must feel that you have it within you to do it, even though it is a stretch.

Do not limit yourself by thinking you do not have the budget. Resist defining an exact time frame – it could come faster than you think – but do add the detail of who is involved and what it will look like. At this stage, you are not concerned with how it will come about.

This exercise is not a matter of producing a work of art. Whatever you come up with, it will be fully meaningful to you because you have created it. It has power because it comes from your very core, and you engage with that power by first making it manifest in the world in the form of an image. If you cannot draw, cut out appropriate pictures from magazines and make a collage. The important thing is to create a representation of your own dream in its entire splendour.

Next, make a habit of systematically revisiting the image. Position it somewhere so that you see it every day. Allow yourself to feel and enjoy the sense of excitement and satisfaction you would get from having accomplished your goal. It is by visualising and regularly connecting internally with the positive feelings of achievement that you programme yourself into a can-do attitude. It is by rooting the sense of success, by relishing the sheer unadulterated pleasure this gives you, that you build a confident attitude and override doubt.

Step by step, the way forward is revealed. You have to do your part, and it will be hard work on occasion, but revisiting the image regularly, helps sustain and re-inspire you through difficult periods.