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Ego in business


In my forthcoming workshop we will be looking at several ways of overcoming the ego – book now
Here are three tips in brief:

  1. Ask For Clarity and Introduce Humour 

On occasion we all misread innocent statements as attack. It takes great openness and honesty; but if at the moment of feeling violated we can check what is being said and what is behind it we can save ourselves all sorts of pain and misunderstanding. A sense of humour is a big advantage here – the ego is disarmed by humour. An example might be:
‘Hey John when you asked me if I had sent that email I felt ……..  May I ask what you meant?
I’m imagining you no longer trust me or that I may be at fault ……’

  1. Resist Judgement and Criticism of Others

Projection is the involuntary reaction we experience when faced with something within ourselves that we are reluctant to recognise. It is a remarkably subtle ego defence mechanism and its purpose is to avoid the fearful thoughts and feelings that well up within us when triggered by an external stimulus. The conscious mind feels overwhelmed and rather than face what we perceive to be our negative traits, we blame them on others.
We expend lots of energy suppressing the aspects of ourselves we reject, but what we resist always persists. Far better when we notice ourselves doing it, check our thinking and ask ourselves:
‘What is (name the person) reminding me of that is actually an aspect of my own personality that I do not like?’
As we do this we begin to release the projection and see the other person in a new and positive light.

  1. Express Your Vulnerability 

The ability to admit our own vulnerabilities is a demonstration of our authenticity, and we gain respect for it when we do so. Those around us experience such sincerity as an expression of our trust in them. They feel drawn to us, and their loyalty is strengthened. By having the courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable we open the door to others to help us and the ego loses its grip.
If you are finding it difficult to find or keep quality staff, or observe yourself thinking only you can do the job properly do let’s talk. I am also offering a specific workshop on overcoming the ego and developing trust – book now
John Reynard
Founder – the Spirited Entrepreneur