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The Spiritual Route To Entrepreneurial Success

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From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO

We are familiar with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerburg but for every entrepreneur who has made a million, there are thousands who struggle for years and never get beyond the state of harassed sole trader.

Such was my own case – until I ceased separating my spiritual life from my business life. This book is the story of how my situation changed, once I committed to integrating my spirituality into my business. It is for those who have a passion for entrepreneurship, seek to prosper, and want to build their dreams in accordance with their highest beliefs. It demonstrates that by aligning with our Higher Selves, we are guided to make truly intelligent decisions that help create sustainable business success.


John Reynard is a man of our times. His journey as a leader and entrepreneur opened him up to a new paradigm of business and leadership that he brilliantly shares throughout this book. Join him in this journey to discover yourself as a visionary CEO shaping the future of Entrepreneurship in the 21st century
- Soleira Green
Founder of the Genius Company & the Visionary Network and author of ‘The Real Art of Transformation’


Profound and practical, John’s book is pioneering a new way of looking at how entrepreneurs can develop their businesses. His own story is fascinating, even more so because he openly tells the reader about some of the mistakes he has made as well as his ultimate success. The exercises at the end of each chapter, help the reader to embark on their own journey of discovery. I found this book inspirational and it helped me to concentrate on what was important in my own business and life.
- Caroline Swain



7 reviews for The Spiritual Route To Entrepreneurial Success

  1. Dan Strodl

    John Reynard claims this book will inspire harassed sole traders and small company entrepreneurs who value integrity and seek to live their business lives in alignment with their highest ideals … and inspiring it certainly is!
    He talks about manifesting what is in our greatest interests through Spirit rather than business plans. Through intuition, vision, co-creation and collaboration wíth one’s Higher Self, whilst “Balancing Spirituality with Practicality.”
    He speaks in an easy to follow style and explains clearly why honesty, the expression of our own vulnerability, and genuine trust in others brings about success; illustrating these principles with examples from his own business life.
    There is also an excellent chapter about projection, explaining this dynamic with such clarity. A very absorbing read that doesn’t over intellectualise the subject. It is for all who consider themselves entrepreneurs, and maybe one for those who don’t too!

  2. George Wilk (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed reading John Reynard’s book and found that many of the issues and experiences he has encountered in starting a business I have too. His analysis and way of dealing with these issues is sensitive and positive, enabling a business to grow and give pleasure to all rather than the stress and pain that often occurs. This book will inspire and help any budding or existing entrepreneur by tapping into the experience of a successful business man. Highly recommended.

  3. T. Miller – health care market researcher

    In developing and expounding on his distinctive way of conducting business, the author makes a compelling case that aspects of spirituality can be linked to more satisfying and profitable entrepreneurship. Thanks to John for sharing his insights on intuition, ego and the benefits of self-examination and empowerment; all illustrated with vignettes drawn from his various business experiences. I found it both inspiring and useful in my daily life.

  4. Kevin Marshall

    An informative read. John provides deep insight into how our relationships with others and ourselves fit into growing our business. Focusing on intuition, vision, co-creation and collaboration wíth one’s Higher Self. His own insights and experiences are invaluable in communicting key points and ensuring they are clearly understood.

  5. Nick Burman

    In a light and refreshingly easy to read style, John outlines his journey from frustration to enlightenment with anecdotes from his own business ventures. He describes specific cases where he realises the issues at hand are not what they appear, addresses the problem and moves to a more positive outcome. Any reader will benefit from John’s easy going manner of applying reason and selflessness to life’s problems, particularly when it comes to running a business which is often not seen as a spiritual matter.

  6. Philippa

    Rich blend of inspirational and informational content. It is a fantastic book for those who are on the entrepreneurial journey or thinking of starting the entrepreneurial journey and are looking to incorporate a more holistic approach to business rather than just the traditional numbers, short termist approach. An easy read for any age and any level.

  7. Gillian Hibbs

    This book is a gem of a read. John states it is for those who have a passion for entrepreneurship, seek to prosper, and want to build their dreams in accordance with their highest thinking and beliefs. I feel it’s readership extends far wider as its content is about trust, integrity and compassion – which lead to true success and real abundance: and these can be applied to many other walks of life.
    The book is beautifully crafted, flows with ease and we learn from his personal experience how he has applied its content. He is an inspirational teacher who demonstrates that we can all realize our true potential through self-empowerment, co-creation with others and alignment with our Higher Self. When I had finished the book, I picked it up and read it again. It lifted my spirit. I’m sure I will read it again.

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